Restore Your Precious Stones

Restore Your Precious Stones

Jewelry repairs, cleanings and inspections in Fultondale, AL

Over time, all fine jewelry needs some form of help to keep your pieces maintained and looking like new. Our team of experts at The Jewel Source will help you with many types of jewelry repairs. We repair all jewelry on-site and guarantee a 48-hour turnaround time. Our jewelry repair services include:

  • Restoring chains
  • Sizing rings
  • Refurbishing stones
  • Plating Rhodium
  • Fixing watch links
  • Engraving jewelry
  • Replacing watch batteries

Maintain your treasures with The Jewel Source

Don’t need a repair but have dull jewelry that could use a polish? We also offer free jewelry cleanings and inspections. We’ll have your beautiful jewelry sparkling like brand new!

Contact The Jewel Source today at 205-849-0028 to schedule your jewelry repair, cleaning or inspection appointment. We look forward to putting a sparkle back in your life.